18 Feb. 2022

Manuel Liñán becomes STEFFA

From 4 to 12 May and in fall flamenco star Manuel Liñán will go on tour through the Netherlands with the new show STEFFA. Liñán - internationally renowned for his spectacular gender-diverse shows - puts himself in Steffa Wine’s shoes. Wine (1913-1991) was a Dutch (flamenco) dancer and ballet instructor. Their turbulent lives flow together in this coproduction, directed by Susanne Marx.

Liñán interprets Steffa Wine’s struggle with her past and mirrors it to his own search as a male dancer in the conservative flamenco world. With an extraordinary set of archive material and an original soundscape by flamenco singer and guitarist María Marín.

STEFFA is a coproduction by Stichting VET and Flamenco Biënnale Nederland


04.05.2022 | 20h00 | ITA Amsterdam
05.05.2022 | 20h00 | ITA Amsterdam
07.05.2022 | 20h00 | Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem
12.05.2022 | 20h30 | Deventer Schouwburg
02.10.2022 | De Nederlandse Dansdagen
07.10.2022 | De Nieuwe Regentes
08.10.2022 | De Meervaart