About Flamenco Biënnale Nederland

The Flamenco Biënnale Nederland is an international performing arts festival built around one of Europe’s oldest art forms, flamenco. Since 2006, it has been showcasing the latest developments in the genre and offering a wide range of its modern expressions, with concerts and performances in which tradition enters into exciting alliances and cross-pollinations with contemporary dance and music, jazz, classical, baroque and oriental music.

The festival presents flamenco – in particular through its own creations and (co-)productions – as a wonderful hybrid, a modern melting pot, the way it once started, as an art form with its feet firmly in the present time. With plenty of pleasure and ambition, FBN’s artists step across and beyond the boundaries of the genre. It brings cutting-edge flamenco, rhythms that move, stir and unsettle, by innovative, visionary makers, major stars and young, up-and-coming talents. This has made FBN ‘a flamenco playground which is unique in the world, a place where the art is examined, stretched and turned inside out’ (Volkskrant).
By its original, adventurous programming of both the cream and the avant-garde of artists from Spain, the Netherlands and other musical cultures, the festival has gained a national and international reputation as a pioneering, prestigious dance and music festival, showing ‘state of the art’ flamenco every other year in the Netherlands, Belgium and Slovenia. In 2018, a sister festival called ‘Bi Flamenko’ was initiated in Ljubljana, which has been bringing flamenco in all its varieties to Central Europe and, just as the Dutch festival, has become a bustling meeting place of tradition and experiment in the art of flamenco. Stichting Flamenco Biënnale is a non-profit foundation and has the status of a ‘Public Benefit Organisation’ in the Netherlands.

Team 2022/2023

General and Artistic Director
Ernestina van de Noort

Business Manager
Frank van der Weij

Finances and Administration
Ellen Bijsterbosch

by ProductieCollectief
Janneke den Engelsen (head of production), Angela van Kalsbeek, Lynn Meijer (production managers), Lois de Groot (assistant)

Technical Coordination
Tiedo Wilschut

Context Program Coordination

Workshops & Master Classes Coordination

Head of Marketing & Communication
Katelijne Meeusen

Online marketing
Caitlin Ensor
Camille Borkelmans & Luud Goossens

Film and video
Felix Vázquez

Eric van Nieuwland
Marjon Broeks

Grafisch design

Stichting Flamenco Biënnale
Supervisory Board
Marise Voskens (chairwoman)
Harm Ede Botje
Rachel Gómez y Maseland
Krijn Meerburg (financial specialist)
Martha Visser
Hans Maarten van den Brink

Subsidisers, Sponsors & Partners