Ana Morales & Enrique Tomás



The Flamenco Biennial brought together dancer Ana Morales and sound artist Enrique Tomás from Madrid for an exiting flamenco experiment in which dance, rhythm and electronics interact. On Sunday November 13th 2016 they will perform one more time at November Music Festival.

Bagatelles is a series of flamenco impromptus combined with live electronics. A stage full of interactive objects is waiting for Ana Morales to bring them to life: through her movements, robots, a floor and digital instruments an astonishing soundscape is created. In an free choreography she takes her lead from the live electronic music generated by Enrique Tomás. Together they create new spaces for flamenco in which the old art communicates with the latest technology.

Morales is famed for her strong expression, sensuality, virtuosity and urge to innovate on stage. She is currently dividing her time between her own performances and her role as soloist in the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía.

06 NOV.2015