Aruán Ortiz Ensemble

Flamenco Criollo


Africa, Spain and Cuba meet in an adventurous mix of flamenco and dazzling (Afro-)Cuban rhythms. At the request of the Dutch Flamenco Biennial, Cuban pianist Aruán Ortiz gathered a unique ensemble in order to investigate the roots of flamenco. Musicians from Morocco, Palestine, Cuba, the US and Spain bring melancholic sounds from Al-Andaluz and energetic rhythms from Africa in surprising contemporary compositions. Recognize the original Moorish melodies that blew over in the 17th and 18th centuries via Spain to the colonial Cuba and that whirled back towards the Iberian peninsula full of new rhythms. With Flamenco Criollo, band leader and pianist Ortiz brings the many colors of this powerful worldly musical language to life in a unique way. Rising flamenco stars singer Ismael de la Rosa and dancer María Moreno complete the line-up.

Aruán Ortíz is one of the most versatile and exciting pianists of his generation.

Downbeat Magazine

Aruán Ortiz brings out the different flavors of the Andalusian stew […] De la Rosa’s heartrending duende thrives just as well on a Cuban waltz […] Flamenco Criollo becomes a musical ecumenical service where genres come together beautifully.

De Volkskrant 15 NOV. 2021