David Peña ‘Dorantes', Renaud García-Fons, Theodosii Spassov & Javi Ruibal

Free Flamenco Quartet



Een flamencopiano, een Franse contrabas, een Bulgaarse houten herdersfluit. Is dit nog flamenco? Rond de flamencoritmes van de Spaanse pianist David Peña Dorantes weven contrabassist Renaud García-Fons en fluitist Theodossi Spassov swingende nieuwe muzikale werelden.

The name Free Flamenco Quartet is particularly apt. This colourful top ensemble take the rich Flamenco tradition as their base and then push at its boundaries with jazz and contemporary music. Spanish pianist Dorantes not only plays in classical ensembles and jazz combos, but also in flamenco bands and for the theatre, classical ballet and film. French-Catalan Renaud García-Fons has a fresh, unique sound never before heard on a five-string acoustic bass. Bulgarian Theodosii Spassov manages to raise the kaval (a traditional wooden shepherds’ flute) to unheard musical heights and to integrate it into more contemporary forms of music. And Spanish drummer and percussionist Javier Ruibal is a master of subtlety, in both jazz and flamenco.

Jazz Brugge 2012

Spain’s David Peña Dorantes (piano)-who caused a sensation at the TNM two years ago-French Catalonian Renaud Garcia-Fons (double bass), Bulgarian Theodosii Spassov (on kaval, the Bulgarian flute you’d swear had been specially created for flamenco), and, as a special treat, percussionist Javier Ruibal-have poured their passion into a freer approach to flamenco. But take note: not free in the sense of the musical whatever attempted by some musicians; rather, a musical libertad that calls for abolishing constraints, drawing inspiration from the older generation, the very essence of flamenco. As an added pleasure, the evening will open with the formidable Renaud Garcia-Fons, solo. We’re already trembling with anticipation at the idea of hearing all this in the magical acoustics of the Maison symphonique…

Festival International de Jazz de Montreal